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This post is part 2 of 5 that I am writing. If you missed #1 Where Am I AT; you can find it here! So let me start by saying my life has been a roller coaster over the last month, hence the gap in my blogs… a whole month! (not like me.) Here is a glimpse of “what happened” this last month… I worked longer hours in group home due to several medical appointments for the people I support, I had surgery on my back (I am fine), I had a birthday, I have been dealing with extended family legal drama that has taken a very negative emotional turn on me, my teen has been difficult and dealing with a lot of his own internal health issues and I started a new job last week that is exciting and scary!

Here is my list of posts that I will do:

Where Am I At
A Day in My Life
MY 5 Favorite Things To Do
An Interview with Someone You Admire
Music Playlist Post

So without further a do….

A Day in MY Life

I will do a Friday, as everyday is different depending on the week.

I was up at 1:30 am and 3:30 am; I don’t sleep very well at all. Waking 1-3 times a night is typical for me. My alarm went off at 5:30 am so that I can beat my 16 into the shower in my en suite! (He gets up at 6 am) 16 won’t use the other shower because it’s “Gross”. His 18 brother uses it; it is outside 18’s bedroom on the 4th floor, is often littered with clothes, hats, toiletries, and what ever else 18 decides to drop on floor or vanity.

Once showered, dressed and I have made my bed I head to kitchen, let dog out/in and make coffee! I make one for me, hubby (if home) and 16 who can’t seem to move through his routine without it. Wonder where he gets that from? I usually eat over night oatmeal warmed in mason jar with a scoop of protein powder or rye toast with peanut butter. I need protein or I am hungry a hour later. I pack my lunch and top up my 16’s cause 2 drinks and goldfishes are not enough. I usually try to talk to 18 who is now in kitchen eating a PB & Jam sandwich and watching loud You-Tube… I say try because he is pretty moody in mornings and doesn’t answer unless it’ s a IDK or a shrug! Yup,,, and I keep trying daily!

I leave between 7 am and 8 am depending on my shift start. I now finish between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm. I have only done 2 days at this shift so it feels so weird. In the group home I just left I would do one week of days and 2 weeks of afternoons, so…going to be soooo different.

Due to privacy I cannot say what I did in detail but for the next session it could be prep/paper time (where I prep for groups I will teach/supervise or update/make independent personal plans for people I support), I could be taking city buses around Guelph to teach/familiarize people I support with the bus routes. do a gym class of floor hockey & yoga, do an ‘Out and About’ group in an adapted van, teach first aid and home safety. I will of course tend to personal needs as well when necessary.

After work on Friday I talked to my brother (In Ottawa area) on blue-tooth while I drove to Physio in Erin (About a 40 minute drive). I spent an hour at physio. I stopped at small grocery store to get necessities and than also stopped in town to get my mail from the community boxes than drove home. I was home at 6 pm. Unpacked lunch, answered some email, tidied up kitchen started dinner and a load of laundry after sorting some of it. I had several text conversations with a few people including one very intense long heart to heart one with 18. Somewhere in here I checked in on social media and even managed to comment!

Hubby and I ate together in red chairs in front of wood stove. 16 took his dinner downstairs and 18 ate his in living room while catching up on PVR show. Hubby took dishes to kitchen… I later put them in dishwasher after I emptied it of clean dishes. Hubby was very busy today with assorted home tasks (as he is still lay-ed off) including putting lights up over hot tub, readying both veggie garden and pumpkin garden for rototiller, did 3 trips to landscape yard for trailers of triple mix, shoveling it into both gardens, dealing with insurance and engineering firm regarding our septic tank cave in.

I watched 2 PVR shows (I know unbelievable…2 in a row!) with hubby and 16. We both sat in our hot tub 2x tonight! I haven’t been able to do this for 2 weeks due to my surgery…. but tonight was great, relaxing and best way to kick off a long weekend! Being a long weekend I didn’t go to bed until 11:30 pm, usually I am trying to sleep by 10:30 pm!

So That was a typical Friday… after a day shift. I work full time, I go to physio twice a week, I usually stop at least once for full groceries or a few things, I feel like I am always do laundry on Fridays or weekends and IT NEVER SEEMS TO END!

My typical working MOM LIFE!

I am sure each one of you, MOM’s or DAD’s can agree that adult-ing,
responsibilities, working and all with kids is BUSY and HARD!


Stay tuned for ‘MY 5 Favorite Things To Do’

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