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A friend and I visited Belgium Nursery this weekend. We both love plants and what better place to go in February than their annual Cactus Festival that runs January 24th -February 24th, 2019. It’s here that I grabbed (Yes, grabbed is a very good word for it!) a few tropical plants and some little succulent as I like to watch them grow & plant them in group plantings myself.

The Tired Planter

I have this tired planter sitting on my kitchen window sill, it definitely seen better days. I have a beautiful Jade succulent in it and some suffering Burro’s tails and some tiny started leaf rosettes. This planter sits by my kitchen sink and it often gets hit with the over thrown hand towel. (Thanks boys!) It also had been getting flooded by “leftover water” in the water bottles. (This has stopped thanks to my little note stuck to the pot!)

So without further a due, here is my first video of re-potting this planter into a a beautiful Zen one!

How to re-pot an old succulent into a zen arrangement

Posted by Dreaming to the MAX on Sunday, February 10, 2019

So there you have my first video post! The plants I used are a Jade (Large tree like), Indian-tree Spurge (Twig like), Ghost-plant (Pinkish flower looking Crassulace) and a small piece of a Sedum-Stone Crop (A ground cover with a purple tinge)

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  1. Love your new pot of succulents! I’ve been wanting to try one but there is no “green” in my thumb. Are these really as easy to take care of as everyone says? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Succulents are easy for the most part as long as you remember not to water them often or too much. They actually strive on a soaking than a complete drying…in fact if your a “sometimes forget” to water gal like me they should live well. Lots of succulents need direct sunlight/grow light (In front of window) but there are also lots that only need indirect light (on table near window or where there is bright light) and of course there are the ones that need very little to no light to survive like my Z Z plant or my Mother-in-law-tongue snake plant.(on staircase shelf-no window or in my dark living room) I would be happy to help you pick out some compatible plants for environment and answer any questions you may have: just email me at dreamingtothemaxmail@gmail.com 🙂

  2. Those are some nice, healthy looking plants! I really need to freshen up my pots in this way, they’re in need. Love that little owl pot that you have – so cute!

    1. Yes, these new plants are very healthy. I love Belgium Nursery’s plant selection and how healthy they are there. They really do care about the plants and always take time to wrap them up very warmly before letting me leave. I am in Ontario, in the middle of an extremely cold winter this year but love that I still can walk the warm greenhouses and get plants home safely. I love the little owl pot too! I ordered them on line took some time but I got 5 of them.

    1. Thank you, it definitely was an upgrade. My boy thought he was being environmentally helpful with his frequent watering, I have now educated him on which plant he can water! I agree that plants are very important within the home. Whether that is for pure enjoyment, cleaning the air and providing a sense of peace as you mentioned.

  3. I loved the video. I have a new Jade plant that is a rescue, her name is Agnes. There was no sound to the video so I could not hear what you were saying. What was the soil combination you replanted your succulents in?

    1. Hi Darlene,
      I am surprised the video didn’t play the sound for you, perhaps your device needed you to tap the video directly for sound. I sometimes have to do that on Youtube. This is the link to the video on you tube if that helps. https://youtu.be/yf0zTvt5O58
      The soil I used is a homemade mix as I make it in bigger batches. I used a 1 part plain potting soil with 1.5 parts Perlite and 1/2 part course sand(you can use chicken grit too). However for a small individual or no hassle planting you can use cactus/succulent soil available almost everywhere (Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Walmart) The idea is that the soil doesn’t hold on to moisture for too long and there is space between the soil for airing out. This is what the Perlite does. Enjoy your Jade plant rescue. My Jade was a tiny one from a Christmas arrangement with poinsettias. Let me know if you need any other help.

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