About Me


Hi, I am Max. Okay my real name is Carolyn. Max is a (childhood) nickname. To me Max is now more of an alter ego, where I can be honest, sincere, truthful and who I want to be.

Where Am I…

I live on a hobby farm of sorts.. more of an acreage in Ontario with my husband and 2 of my 3 boys who are both “teenagers”. The oldest boy (is a man now) lives with his spouse and they have given us two beautiful grand kids; a boy and a girl. (Finally another girl in this family!) We share our home with Zeus (dog) and Ace (cat). We currently have chickens and 3 alpacas (soon to be more if I have a say!). Over the years we have had pigs, goats and a lot of ducks.


I have always loved creative writing so it was a natural step for me to head back to MY dreams, now that my kids are teenagers. Call me old fashioned but I have always loved everything to do with homesteading from baking, growing my own vegetables, canning (especially salsa), gardening indoors & out, raising animals and of course diy. Especially if I can save money or make it ‘my own’.

This is where Max comes in. I am using Max to explore and challenge my inner 3 M’s…… ME, MYSELF and MAX to feel, to live, to enjoy, and to start Dreaming to the MAX!

Please share in my journey while I head back to my true dreams of homesteading in a modern way.

If you would like to reach out to me or have an idea for a post? I can be reached at dreamingtothemaxmail@gmail.com.