Chocolate Sticks in Mud!


Doesn’t this sound wonderful? I always thought so, but I was a ‘tom boy’ and grew up with 4 boys! I only had one boy (2 more later) when I tried these cookies. I was a young mother who always liked cooking. (if you called it that!) Most of the cooking I learned came from heating processed food up for dinner as a young teenager and later (visiting rights) I learned from my Dad how to throw everything (meat, potato and veggies) in one pan in the oven. It often tasted all the same but it was also good and had gravy!

When I say young, I was 21 year old with a one year old who seemed to love cookies and carrots! Since my son probably ate too many cooked carrots (He was only orange a few times before the doctor explained why!) I decided to try making cookies. I walked to the grocery store with son in stroller, looked at the baking area in Miracle Mart. I looked at the bags of chocolate chips (because I love chocolate!) but was disappointed that there wasn’t a recipe on the back. I ended up leaving with a box of ready made cookies and some apple juice. My son J was very happy with the cookies but the reason for the trip was lost on him.

Back at my apartment building I stopped to get my mail. I started talking to an older lady with a little girl, somehow we talked about cookies and I left her apartment with a written recipe for chocolate chip cookies. (Coming soon!) Knowing cookies need ingredients and cookie sheets. All of which I didn’t have… yet! I had to wait to make this recipe.

Jump a week later and I am visiting with my husband’s Nana and she serves us…. yup you guessed it Chocolate Sticks in Mud!  Well they had some of my favorite things in them… oatmeal, coconut, chocolate and they don’t really need a cookie sheet to cook because they are ‘no-bake’ cookies. My son J loved them and I brought the recipe home. This was my first cookie recipe I ever made… and well the rest is history!

Over the years I have heard these cookies called Mississippi Mud Clusters, Chocolate Haystacks, and Fiddle Diddles but I still love the title Chocolate Sticks in Mud!

Mix in a medium saucepan:

1/2 cup of butter or hard margarine

1/2 cup of milk

2 cups of white sugar

4 tbsp of cocoa powder

Bring to boil on medium heat, let come to a rolling boil for 2 1/2 minutes (STIRRING CONSTANTLY), add 1/4 tsp of salt and 1 tsp of vanilla extract

When smooth/mixed well, remove from heat and add in 3 cups of oatmeal

Add in 1 cup of unsweetened coconut and stir to mix (takes muscle)

Drop by teaspoon on foil or wax paper and cool until firm (I put mine on a flat large Christmas tray)

Once hardened, move to airtight container with wax paper between layers (I store mine in fridge)

*Hint:  If mixture cools before finishing your cookie drops add more butter, milk

white sugar and heat slightly than remove from heat and continue.”

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