Dreaming of Spring!


Are you all getting ready to start your seeds inside? I am! I plan to start some flower seeds for my many flower boxes and earns very soon. In fact I have some of the trays already with seed starter and a few with just potting soil. I also will start some veggies, but they don’t seem to need as much time before planting outside in the garden, so I will time those a bit later.

Now that Valentine’s Day is done and we are in March, I feel that Spring is just around the corner and Daylight Savings time is this Sunday (our clocks spring ahead 1 hour). I can’t wait for our real stable Spring! (If there is such a thing in Canada? Last week we had a mix bag of weather including +8 degrees Celsius- and back down to -8. That’s Ontario for you. I planted some chilled bulbs at work with a group that I teach on Thursday’s. And they have come up and are beautifying the solarium at work… and the smell of the Hyacinths are well simply amazing.

Although the sun is shining today, it is -11 degrees Celsius here in Ontario. This is why I am inside writing today! 🙂

Last fall I collected quite a few seeds off my annuals including Petunia (several colours), Hollyhocks (Biannual), Callibrachoa (AKA Million Bells), Lobelia, Marigolds, Nasturtiums and Morning Glory’s. So some of these I will start earlier than lets say Morning Glory’s or Hollyhocks, as they only need 2 weeks or direct sow in the garden early May.

I also ordered some other seeds like Zinnias, our usual Sunflowers (big and small), Coleus, Bachelor’s Button, and a few wild flower mixes including a Bee mix. I always plant mixes in front of the barn and by the pond.

This year I ordered a rather big amount of seeds from Vessy’s; which is a Canadian seed company situated on Prince Edward Island in the Maritime’s. They are well established and well known for great seeds, plants, trees and everything else related to gardening.

We always do a good size garden with tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, beans, peas, lettuce, squash, beets, asparagus, onions and sometimes I throw in a different item. We also have a big pumpkin patch behind the barn, about 50′ by 50′. I usually sell a few pumpkins at the end of driveway beside the eggs in the fall but mostly friends and family pick out some for Halloween and cooking. Do you ever share or sell your excessive veggies? If your like us, we either end up with way too many veggies or barely enough for our own use! It really depends on the year!

This year will be no different with the exception that we are BUILDING A GREENHOUSE!

We need reasonable weather to start it, but the outer foundation was put in last fall. We (Hubby and I) will probably put down a wood deck floor in middle and leave the 2 sides open for planting there or for other things; water bucket, compost and soil containers.

Greenhouse Footings

I will do a d.i.y. post on the building of our greenhouse once we get started. Hopefully soon, but weather in Ontario is so unpredictable. Hubby wants +12 degrees Celsius and no rain to start. Of course we need the materials. We have decided to use Polycarbonate panels and a wood frame. This will last longer and be stronger than just plastic sheeting. I will share all the specifics once we start. I can’t wait!

I’ve heard that an animal (chicken/bunny) can really help with heating and with air exchange, so that is a possibility. Don’t tell my boys, who still want a friendly bunny to play with outside the cage that they don’t have to clean/feed. We had one that was not that friendly, liked to chew wires and well we had carpet… so it wasn’t out for long.

If you have a greenhouse I would love to hear what works and doesn’t for you. I am such a newbie and could use all the advice I can get! 🙂

For now I will have to start my seeds on with my rack in my sitting room under grow lights. This means relocating or rotating some baby succulents that I have starting under the lights to keep them alive until we have enough sun that brings up the temperatures here in Ontario.

Please share your pictures of your gardens and any seed set-ups. I would love to see them and always love learning new ways to grow almost anything! 😉


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