January Goals


2018/2019 winter at home

Christmas 2018

Yay! Christmas is over, okay it ended 3 weeks ago. But it’s taken me that long to actually move on and get back into the swing of things. Why is that? Are we really that “mesmerized” by all that glitters? For me it was more like exhaustion from trying to do too much here at home, at work (I pretty much do the same things in the group home) and from trying to make Christmas great for others. Add in the usual; groceries, laundry, animal care and magically appearing meals ….. UGH… you have/I am an exhausted Mom, wife, Grandma, and working woman!

Ice-rink road

Here I am and it’s already the 20th of the month. How did this happen? Let’s start with New Years Eve, where everyone gets together and looks back at the past year before making New Years goals! Okay, I didn’t “get together with everyone”, in fact I was working afternoons because who puts a New Years Eve on a Monday? New year, new goals… will have to wait. I just wanted to get home! Here in Ontario we have been getting cold winter temperatures since November followed by mild fall-like temperatures with rain. This sounds great to those in the near by cities like Toronto, but not to any of us who live on rural dirt roads. The ground is frozen deeply at this time of year, only the surface is effected by mild temperatures which often leaves our dirt road wet, soft, mushy, and slippery not to mention muddy. (My red car is half brown!) Add in some rain or in the case of New Years Eve rain all day; than cold below 0 Celsius temperatures at night creates ICE… roads that are ice rinks. That is exactly what happened that night. (I did call around to find a local motel but being New Years Eve all were booked) My drive home should be 30 minutes or so but it turned into an hour and half and was one of the worst drives I have done and of course in the dark!

So did I make those great New Years Goals? Did I write them down or share them with love ones? Did I use the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time) that I use at work? No, I mean yes.. I kind of made some goals but I didn’t share or write them down (who has time for that?). Besides that hasn’t worked for me in the past so why would it now? I mean I want to be a fit, healthy, well rested mom/grandma/working women who has it all together!

Welcome to my world! My home!

I know very vague goals. LOL. But I am a work in progress Don’t tell my husband, he thinks I’m perfect! (wink, wink) What I did do, is make a decision to blog here! Start Dreaming to the MAX!   So that I could be all the things I want to be as listed above but more importantly, so I could share them with you.

Welcome to my journey,


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