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I am working through 5 posts all about me. As you can see from the list below they vary from my favorite things, music to a day in my life. This is post 3 of 5: My 5 favorite things to do. Now, this sounds so easy to come up with a list but really had to think about it….. BECAUSE I was tempted to just list off things that I feel satisfied in doing. You know that feeling where you are happy, glad and maybe even relieved that you finished it? The first 3-5 thoughts I had about things I like to do, were actually those kind of things. They are not really things I like, but rather things I have to do…but give me the feel good feelings once completed – a sense of completion and success.

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So… without further ado here are 5 things I really like to do!


If you know me, you know this! I think the first memory I have regarding gardening is from the 70’s. I remember loving my neighbours garden through the fence. I have memories of me walking through the neighbours garden….and than getting in trouble for climbing over the fence. At some point around 1977 I cleared out a small plot of grass beside my fence to plant some seeds. (I’m sure someone gave me instruction…just not sure who) I remember planting carrots, beans and I think flowers. I was a little impatient because as soon as the green tops of carrots started I dug them up to see the carrots! I knew I wasn’t supposed to because I remember rushing to get them back into the ground before someone came over to me at my garden. I don’t remember how big they were just the doing and anxiety of it! (Its funny how memories have emotion attached to them!)

My Lilac

Over the years I have dabbed in perennially gardens, annual flowers and vegetable ones. I have done my own gardens, neighbours, friends and even made a garden outside my (26 yrs. ago) apartment building because there wasn’t one! Currently I have many gardens and each one gives me a different feeling. My veggie one gives me satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, my smurf one feels imaginative (A throw back to my playing days) and my rather large perennial garden (is my favorite!) gives me joy, purpose, and a sense of calm even if its a lot of work

Being Creative

I love being creative! I like making things that are useful, that save me money, that re-purpose items, I like scrap-booking and challenging myself to make something rather than buying it. When my kids were little, I loved taking pictures , highlighting the memories (often) with paper and embellishments to tell the story of that moment. However I only do it in spurts now, with work, teens, grand-kids, gardening, blogging, and trying new things, I don’t always get to be very creative. I love my job, but I could love not working too for the right price. LOL!


I love looking after animals, spending time grooming them, cuddling and petting them and just watching them. I have had many house pets over the years including gerbils, hamsters, a bunny, tropical fish, cats, dogs and even a ferret when I was a teenager.

Since moving to the country, we have had ducks, laying chickens, meat birds, pigs and goats. I am in the process of getting a few alpacas over the next few weeks. I am so excited!

Alpacas! This is Poppy. She will be moving in with us soon, as will a second female named Annie and 1 male named Sugar Daddy. We have arranged for the females to be mated before they move in with us.


I love organizing and really love the simple mess free look. I love cleaning out a closet or room especially when I have enough alone time to complete it. If I had my way (And Time!) everything would be put away and a lot of things would be in clear or natural (wicker) baskets with little tags or labels. BUT I live with men! A husband and 2 teens who mostly like to drop or leave things out in the open so they can find (SEE) them later. SIGH…

I too have now become a bit of a pile-er… or at least until I can find the time or energy to put it away properly. You see, I can’t just put sheets or whatever away, if the closet isn’t neat and organized!


So… sometimes I pile the sheets or items in my room neatly on my dresser until I have the time to tackle the closet. I am not sure why I do this, but I have extreme feelings of guilt if I put things away when the closet isn’t organized in such a way that makes it more user-friendly… especially for a house of men! Is this something you do? Or are you able to put the items away and make a mental note: to clean/organize “that closet”?


I love reading books, magazines, articles and blogs. I love to loose myself in a good book, whether that be a romance, mystery or just a good story of someone else’s life. Sometimes “bugging out” of our lives and into someone else’s life gives us an incite into our own lives. We get to walk and see things from another humans perspective.

This is just perfect sometimes with a nice cup of coffee or a glass of wine and always a cozy blanket!

Well there you have my 5 favorite things to do… especially when no-one but me is around! Actually I could garden with someone else, make something and even spend time with animals and people but they must be just as interested in the experience as I am.

What are your 5 favorite things to do? Please leave a comment as I am always interested in learning something new.


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