New Year, New Decade


Happy New Year! Wow 2020!

I honestly cannot say that when I was a kid, I would have ever thought in a million years about living in the year 2020 or anything above 1990 for that matter.  However, I did know all about the “futuristic” 25th century from watching Buck Rogers! 🙂

Okay, it’s actually February 1st today! Well, wasn’t January fun? I always find January to be a little like the first two weeks of a brand new job…… scary, unpredictable, exciting and stressful! So this is why, I really start new goals in February. January is kind of the bridge between last year and this year.

Without going into too much detail, this is what has happened:

  • Ice storm that prevented me from going to work (okay not too bad, but stressful: calling in 1st day back after my Christmas holidays)
  • Grand-kids were sick, one needed a hospital visit (flu)
  • 17, sick (same thing) but OMG he totally had the deathly “man” flu not just a flu!
  • Dealing with legal issues to do with estates
  • Working/medical appointments
  • Babysitting
  • 19, hit ice and had a crash (whiplash both him & g/f & bruise ribs)

I’m sure there was more, but at the moment I don’t care to remember!

Done with January!

NEW Decade

I’m not sure what I expect from 2020 and on, other than bigger, better and more dreams to come true.

What do you expect or want out of 2020?

I guess I should look back at my goals and see if I have achieved any of them? So going back to last January in a blog post.. I recorded a vague idea of goals that I wanted to meet last year.

” I mean I want to be a fit, healthy, well rested mom/grandma/working woman who has it all together!”

Carolyn Busch, January 2019

LMAO, okay so they were vague! They were however on point in the same sense of my reasoning. 😉 Did I achieve any of them? Well yes and no! (I’m still recuperating from January)

Am I fit? No not really, but I am not limping either. (Win!) Am I well rested mom/grandma/working woman? LOL! I am always tired but am still excelling at being a mom/grandma/working woman. (1/2 Win!) Just don’t ask my teenagers, they know nothing! Do I have it all together? No way! I manage to get most of “it” done and have started working on my Dreaming to the Max path. (Win?)

I have diy-ed (here is my favorite one) more than before, have acquired more plants/knowledge on them, baked more, saw more movies than like ever before, still working full time, and of course I am still TRYING to get it all done while learning to do it better.

Let’s make 2020 better!

I want to build my greenhouse, can’t wait to garden (planting seeds next weekend), want to take a trip (somewhere warm), can’t wait to welcome baby alpacas, hang with my kids and grand kids, see some distant family this summer, exercise (really) and enjoy 2020 and all it may bring!


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