Valentine’s Day is this week….


What? Valentine’s Day is this week… in two days? How did this happen? It was literally just New Year’s Day.
 They say time flies when your having fun, but the day to day (lately) hasn’t been exactly fun, more like a mountainous range of ups and downs of sink or float to survival.

Valentin’s Day….?   Is it really important to show (buy?) your significant other how much you care, cherish, and love them on one single day?

Or is it a day that we should all take a breath and say okay… I really do care, cherish and love my significant other and maybe I haven’t shown it a lot lately!

So….do you buy, make, share something with them to honour and show your appreciation for them? A few minutes ago, I honestly thought and told people around me that Valentine’s Day isn’t really a big deal for my husband and I.  ?Yup I said it, we don’t often celebrate it. Sometimes he brings flowers home (If I am home and not working), sometimes we buy chocolates or something else to give to each other and sometimes we justify buying something (ourselves) we want with “oh its for Valentine’s Day!” Okay, I just did that on weekend when I went to Belgium Nursery and hubby did it when last weekend (?before me!) he bought himself an electric small blower for cleaning the workshop up (Cleaning/blowing right out the door!) 

So this all brings me back to the point that if it wasn’t labeled as a special day for couples would YOU actually buy, make, share or plan something with your significant other (often) in the middle of the week in February? Or would you just do it because that’s just you and your a romantic at heart?

I am sure it is different for “new”, “young”, “fresh” couples like my 18 year old! He is a romantic of sorts and he will probably buy a few things that are cutesy, soft, red sweet and yummy! I am sure his girlfriend will appreciate it and get him something similar. My oldest son (27) and his girlfriend are planning an evening out this Saturday for dinner and most likely a movie out, but they are looking for some alone time from their almost 3 year old and their 8 month old. I get to babysit, can’t wait! On the other hand, we/I have been married for 21 years as of a few weeks ago… and we are not planning anything really special. He is working early days and I am working afternoons. He bought his blower… and I bought some tropical plants/succulents. And honestly, I don’t even remember what we did last year if anything at all. I don’t need a special day.. other than our Anniversary to appreciate him or a reason to buy something for him.. I hope he doesn’t need it either. It would be nice to go out and do something or get something from him… but Valentine’s Day is not the mandatory day for this… every day should/could be and I like surprises!

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day the commercial way or a more traditional one, I would love to hear how and why you do it on February 14th? Is it society pressure? Why not? Excuse for a break/adult time away? or is it You can’t think of any other way to spend February 14th?


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